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Major Update Version 0.8 2019-06-15New earth level cover boulders New earth level trees and bushes with shootable leaves New earth level gophers New earth level triple shot enemy Dozens of new rooms Several technical and performance enhancements Continue Reading
Major Update Version 0.7 2019-06-06Version 0.7 includes: New explodable reactors New breakable fish tanks Faster loading speeds and smaller file sizes New earth boss New air strikes Many enhancements for the first level New talking holograms Refined story and opening sequence Dozens of new… Continue Reading
Major Update Version 0.6 2019-05-17The new update includes: 2 New playable characters with different weapons and attributes! New Rescue Missions! Save your teammates then fight alongside them New unlockable item system. Earn experience points and spend them to expand your arsenal! Expanded opening sequence… Continue Reading
Our largest update to date: Version 0.5 2019-05-03Our largest update to date! Version 0.5 includes: Large visual improvements, better jetpacking, safes, teleporting, and level details New breakable vending machines and other breakable props New RG6 grenade launcher New double minigun and double flamethrower pods New sound effects… Continue Reading
Version 0.2.0 Major Update 2019-03-22Alpha Version 0.2 has now been released on schedule! This is the first of the scheduled major updates that happen every two weeks. Here are the changes since V0.1: New powerful Synergy abilities for items and guns A new icy… Continue Reading
The Importance of C# Extensions in Unity 2019-03-20Unity is a great tool for building games, it offers a ton of features and makes it almost painless to export your game to multiple platforms. However it it still has some shortcomings, and you can't expect it to do… Continue Reading
2D Multi-Layer Tilemap Design in Unity 2019-02-20In 2D game design it is essential to have an organized and efficient way to determine how our tilemaps are designed and how they interact with each other. This can quickly become a debugging nightmare if you do not setup… Continue Reading
Procedural Level Generation with Rooms 2019-02-05Create randomized levels with prefabricated rooms is a great way to increase replayability and is often found in what is known as the Rogue-like/lite genre. Given a collection of rooms, we need to find a way to connect them in… Continue Reading
Effective Aim Assist in 2D Shooters 2019-01-12Fast-action twin-stick shooters can be made much more enjoyable with aim assist. Aim assist is used to detect a target in a narrow search area, and then adjust the aim of the gun to point directly at the found target.… Continue Reading
Abstracted 2D Tilemap Room Design in Unity 2019-01-12For many roguelike (or rogue-lite) games, developers choose to handcraft their rooms. This creates a super polished feel and a generally more enjoyable play experience. In non-procedural games this takes less time since the number of rooms or scenes is… Continue Reading

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We're so excited to be able to offer you an ONLINE CO-OP!

Did you know you can play Rogue Star Rescue with up to 4 people simultaneously!? Games like this are better with friends. Come on board and show us what you got!

#videogames #gaming #pcgaming #indiegames #steam #pixelart

If someone took the standard laser pistol and turned it up to 11. This is the Laser Machinegun.

#gaming #gamedev #madewithunity

Wild synergy: Laser Machine Gun and Explosive Bullets! There are dozens of synergies available in the game so far!

Grab your copy with 34% OFF before Steam Autumn Sale is over.


#screenshotsaturday #gamedev #indiedev #indiegames #madewithunity #shmup

🔥Major update V0.20:
▪️new guns,
▪️hundreds (!) of new rooms,
▪️new achievements,
▪️and 34% OFF on the game during #SteamAutumnSale!


#steam #SteamDeals #videogames #indiegame #pixel #pixelart

Steam Autumn Sale! You know the drill: a huge discount for a limited time! Make the most of it 🙂


#SteamAutumnSale #SteamDeals #Videogame #gaming #pcgaming

A bit of the classics in the RSR universe. We know you won't mind 🙂

#gaming #gamingpc #shmup #roguelite

To explode or be exploded? That's the question to ask when you have these red doodads in your arsenal.

#screenshotsaturday #gamedev #indiedev #pixelart #madewithunity #gaming

Paraphrasing The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: This is not a gun for hanging over the fireplace or sticking in the umbrella stand, it is a gun for going out and making slugs miserable.

#pcgaming #roguelite #defendingTD #steam #gaming

The auto shotgun deals highly concentrated bursts of damage. Get close and take out the big guys.

#gaming #gamingpc #shmup #videogames #rsr

Have you traveled to the Subnautic level? The secret to stopping the Rogue Star may lie there… 😏

#screenshotsaturday #gamedev #indiedev #pixelart #madewithunity #gaming

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