About The Blog

Our Devlog is dedicated to the development of Rogue Star Rescue, a 2D rogue-lite sci-fi shooter with defense elements.

Our game features a space cadet who is trying to rescue his companions while confronting dangerous aliens, accomplishing challenging missions, and figuring out his path in this crazy universe.

With 14 worlds, 50+ missions, and 5000+ hand-designed rooms, our game is meant to be played for years with each run providing a unique experience. This high replay value is achieved thanks to procedural level generation, modular nonlinear storylines, and countless sleepless nights.

Rogue Star Rescue is coded solely by me, Carl Chute. I’m a software engineer from Canada who switched from mobile application development to designing video games. And now you’ve landed on the page of my most ambitious creation.

I’m working in Unity 3D and I’ll be sharing various interesting technical patterns discovered during the development of our game. This includes a wide variety of topics from procedural level generation, to 2D physics, to high-level game design concepts.

Our game is evolving every day and I’m excited to share our progress. I’ll be releasing updates every two weeks so you’ll know when to expect the next dose of valuable insight. You can also subscribe to my newsletter (leave your email here) to receive the latest updates.

If you want to be a beta tester for the game, drop me a line using the contact form below. Likewise, use the form to send me any inquiries and suggestions. I’d be happy to hear from you.

Thank you for your interest and let’s keep working on producing top-notch games that we all enjoy playing.

-Carl Chute